The Fairy Tale

By Bernadette Schaepdryver

When reading the article in the Jerusalem Post titled: Kerry seeks support for peace process from Saudi, Arab League - http://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Palestinians-pour-cold-w... my eye glued to what a Fatah official going by the name Al-Ahmed told the Jordanian daily Al-Ghad.

In that newspaper he said with regard to Yerushalayim, and I quote: “The Palestinians rejected the idea because it was not clear whether Jerusalem’s borders would extend all the way to the Dead Sea or stop at Abu Dis (on the eastern outskirts of the city)”.

In first instance I didn’t put much attention to it as it being just a tiny bit of info within the larger article, but later on in the early morning of this day it hit me back when I remembered the prophecy wherein it says that Yerushalayim borders will expand to the east towards the Jordan River. And let it now be that I just happened to have read it at the very moment I also had the luxury of watching the film the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Saturday evening on one of the national TV channels where I live.

In that movie, as I’m sure that many will have seen it, there is mention of a prophecy as well wherein 4 human children will arrive in Narnia which would herald the end of the wicked rule of the Ice Queen. To prevent this prophecy of being fulfilled she tries to have her hands on those four children very desperately.

In that movie she fails, but will it be so too in the real world for the sake of Judaism, and Christianity as well, against a very wrong educated and indoctrinated radical religious Islam policy that thrives largely, almost solely on the fire of hatred instead of the flowing waters of an enlightened genuine lasting peace?

So combining the film with what the Fatah official seem to have claimed would prove that the demand for Yerushalayim as the capital of a Palestinian State is only religiously motivated in the sense that the motivation behind it is to destroy Judaism. Let us not forget that the Palestinian leadership wanted all of East-Yerushalayim for themselves!

If we go a bit further in our analysis by way of that Fatah official we could perhaps reveal now that the reason in why they so adamantly refuse to accept Yisrael as a Jewish State is because they view all of Yisraeli Arab citizens as citizens of the Palestinian State though that they won’t say so openly anymore. Many probably still see it as such more secretly, and tell about it openly in a more hidden fashion assuming that most Jewish people have lost their connection with Judaism, with the Tanakh, even Christians too.

What it would mean is that when we regard the negotiations as a means to achieve a genuine lasting peace, they see it as negotiations of war against the State of Yisrael, even against Judaism. By trying to force this through they strategically assume that it will destroy the prophecy, that it will not happen. Within a broader view it means that they, when their wicked plan would succeed, having prevented the prophecy to become fulfilled think that it will eventually destroy not just all of Yisrael, but that it also once and for good will destroy Judaism and hopefully pushing once and for all the Jewish people to the annals of history at last, something so dear to the Romans of old, the ghost they are chasing as written about in one of my previous articles.

After all, don’t they have another name for Yerushalayim!?

And haven’t the Romans not changed its name as well!?

So basically they try us to become entrapped within this trap of theirs hoping that we would not see it, or see it but ignoring it, knowing that the West is eager to keep religion out of the politics while they do not from out of a radicalised view on Islam. This, in their eyes, behaviour of the West strengthen their assumption that Yisrael will cease to exist and eventually later on all of the West because nothing will stop the radicals of proceeding ahead in full force.

Thus if that Fatah official has said what he has said and many within the Palestinian Authority do belief so as well, then they are truly not negotiating in an atmosphere of peace, but are negotiating about the surrender of Yisrael! They are misleading us all, even the U.S. State Department Minister John Kerry, just as others Palestinian leaders did so before.

When we are thus thinking of negotiating about a genuine peace settlement, they are only playing along because they from their side of view regard it as negotiations about Yisrael's surrender, and thus they stay only at the negotiation table for this reason perhaps!?

Hopefully I’m wrong in my analysis, but certain spoken words seem to indicate otherwise.

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Hatikva is as we all know Yisrael’s national anthem of hope. It’s the hope for a better future in the first place for the Jewish people of course, but even more so for the world entire. After all, we can’t disconnect the Jewish people nor Yisrael from the Torah. Everything is firmly connected, founded on a solid foundation. It has proven its value more than once, and we shouldn’t let us being forced to belief otherwise because of those who have hijacked its core essence for their own selfish wicked ideologies. We shouldn’t let them rule the game so to speak, nor let them steal it from us as a thief in the night so that darkness would be kept, but let G-d Himself speak from out of the depth of our own heart the way it should have been and will be peacefully, letting our souls enlighten us all.

Hatred is an offensive act that eventually will always... 

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Breaking down walls

By Bernadette Schaepdryver

Sometimes we are so preoccupied with thousands and one things that we forget to see the obvious that lays right in front of us. And so it was not otherwise with myself when the last day of the year 2013 went on its last breath of oxygen. The year 2013 ended with the outlines of a thought and it steadily evolved in something more concrete during the first day of 2014.

We can talk and talk about the tremendous stupefying beauty of the Holy Land, of Eretz Yisrael for days on end into the infinity, but what do we have with talking when we don’t pull our sleeves and start working, start genuinely remembering the suffering of millions in the cruel inhumane hands of Nazi Germany.

We can study and learning Torah into the infinity of this world, but what have we acquired when we would have forgotten to see what happens to our neighbour, failing to see the past within the present, refusing to acknowledge a similar occurrence right at our own front door because of some who so desperately want their very own selfish remembrance to be kept alive and kicking, honouring their loved ones, lost ideologies, wicked hopes like the ones of Haman in the Book of Esther.

Yes, we’re looking into the past to remember, to not forget, but do we truly? Are we really honouring our loved ones, lost ones or just merely paying lip service? Have we not learned by way of our faith to learn by remembering, to learn by seeing the past within the present so to become in the ability of genuinely building a better future for tomorrow and beyond? Are we ourselves even prepared to look within the mirror without fear for what we may see, may see even present day not yet written Torah teachings perhaps!?

Are we ready to break down walls by the way of Jericho as how we did when belonging to ancient old Bnei Yisrael, our loved ones of old, but so young everlasting living amongst us all?

Within a few weeks we will be commemorating the annual universal established Shoah (Holocaust) remembrance day once more. Many of us will visit once again the concentration camps in Poland as a tribute to the fallen and our loved ones. We know within the deepest depth of our heart that we won’t forget them, but always cherish their love for us everlasting from generation unto generation. At least we hope that we will be successful in this endeavour, that we will merit their infinite love we only spiritually can feel since the most horrifying horror struck the entire world and tore them in the most violent way away from us all physically.

And in the word spiritual lays the key to what I’m writing about because in that word lays the cradle of infinity, of how we can get hold onto the past so to genuinely not forget by way of its spiritual inner power and strength, and tear down walls, start building bridges, to unite what should not become divided ever. We can utter the words never again a million times, but what does it serve when we are forced to put our heads into the sand, to let us again be humiliated, even on the work floor, to close our eyes thus for the sake of yes what, of letting us being butchered once more to the brink of our extinction so that the wicked have their inhumane asocial fun, their disrespectful jubilations on the graves of those we love infinitely, even for centuries already?

That is not what is meant to be, to be fulfilled. It is not what our forefathers saw, envisioned not just for us alone their offspring, but for all of humankind. A better world is not meant to become a cruel world, the world of one single entity, one single faith, one single individual, one single empire, one single nation, one single power.

A better world is the home of those who are prepared to be a team player within the entire group not in promoting wickedness, division amongst its own players for the sake of Haman, but in helping shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand for enlightenment to reach its full potential, its power to push the vilest of darkness, all sorts of darkness into oblivion once and for all.

In light of this I therefore propose to keep a March of the Living by mobilising tens of thousands, hopefully much more, and fulfil our ancestors vision gentile and Jewish people alike by doing so throughout all of Judea and Samaria by way of Jericho. Jericho is the eternal symbol of what kind of power and strength we can acquire when we spiritually see its future within its past so to fulfil its hopes in our present time for a better tomorrow, a really genuinely truly enlightened tomorrow this time.

After all, is Abraham not the spiritual father of all of humankind, even of those who don’t belief!?

Also those people have a share in the better enlightened world to come if they genuinely want to be a member, to be a constructive participant of the team that transcends divisions, even tribal ones as Jericho can eternally attest to this fact.

We know we can!

From the deepest depth of our heart we know we can succeed and put a halt to darkness for once and for good without any weapons used but only our two feet.

So why not give it a thought yourself, but much better a try!?

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Give freedom its freedom back

Some do relate to the matter of freedom as it simply being a gift, not a right. However, it is a sacred right to be free for G-d has set us free from our natural burdens, its desires, its sufferings since Gan Eden aka Garden of Eden by not just doing what we want out of feeling bored for instance, out of hatred for or against something or someone, and its subsequent unjustified behavioural immoral actions, and as how it is being symbolized by way of the forbidden fruit, but by showing outwardly who we inwardly genuinely are, even by way of our gender and gender choice (!). It’s not the outside that matters, but the inside of life, the core within of whom we genuinely are and where we came from. That’s the core of what a genuine freedom is all about. That is Torah. That is Torah law.

This is the basic right, the founded...

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Ancestry Reborn

Many books have been written about the resurrection of the dead. Some films and TV-serials have been made about it. Some were explicitly made with the purpose of alienating us from it, to put unnecessary and unjustified fear into our mind, making a mockery of it by sadly enough showing no respect at all for those who have passed away. And a lot of people surely over many centuries of Tanakh study have perhaps hit their head literally against the wall out of frustration in not being able to understand what the prophecy is all about. However, we do know that the Torah is not to be understood literally when reading it. Like I previously wrote in one of my other articles: The history within is used as a background. It should not be our main focus point in studying its text because for sure you will hit without any doubt a very stubborn extremely hard wall that won’t move aside till you put aside your very own hard headed stubbornness within yourself, like the ones of many anti-Semites for instance. The many unnecessary wars and uncountable other acts of violence throughout history are standing as a witness to this case as well, even the ones in the Tanakh (Jewish Bible) itself.

But once you calm down and let...

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Your universal right to exist

Do you sometimes beget that strange feeling too where you start wondering why you are living your life as is?

Mostly, if you are lucky, you get a kind of vague picture of it, a glimpse of the why maybe, but then this is as far as it gets. Many people just live their life as how it comes, and try to do good, to live it as best as they can within the borders of the social structures around them, of course also financially. They live it as how it has been taught to them together with a bit of nuance from their own, sometimes a lot. It´s what we have come to call building further upon that what the previous generation has passed on to us with due respect and love for its richness, its wealth of wisdom. And within the goodness of our soul it is good because it is Torah no matter if we ourselves are aware of it or just merely do follow its path unknowingly, even as a non-believer thus.

When living such a lifestyle it ...

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The path to justice

´Mar Zutra said: Who will say to us that this version of the baraita is accurate? Perhaps this baraita is corrupted, and therefore it cannot serve as the basis of an objection.´ (Koren Talmud Bavli – Pesahim part II – Perek X Daf 99 Amud b-Daf 100 Amud a)

I wanted to start this article with this particular phrase from the Koren Talmud Bavli because it tells us quite a lot about justice. There is no doubt whatsoever in that other faiths have come to know the Talmud as well. Some older versions have under pressure even been forced to revise its content vis-á-vis Christianity so to be authorized its legal printing edition. It certainly will have come to the attention of Muhammad as well, probably more so than the Torah, even the Tanakh itself. The completed Talmud was still very young in his time too, and its study in its infancy in a manner of speaking.

Could it, when taking what Mar Zutra said into account, explain some particular outspoken...


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